History of Villa Keller

They are located here in the Wirtshaus, the former horse stable of the Keller family (anno 1863) .Max Keller built the historic mansion on the river Saarufer in 1801 and extended the property to a lohgerberei in later years. Vineyards in the best locations also belonged to the Keller family.

The tannery on the banks of the Saar existed until the end of 1955. Then the company was liquidated by the grandson of Jean Baptist Keller. In 1997, the former estate of the Keller family was lovingly restored according to historical criteria and reopened in the summer of 1998 as a hotel villa cellar and inn.

Under the motto » Saarburger Inn – Pure Life
«, we want to lead our operations and offer more specific features. The host-house should be the meeting place for the citizens of our region, a meeting place with friends and acquaintances, but also for festivities and cultural events.